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Freelance Graphic & Web Designer at your disposal to:

Realization of projects for the Web
Visual UI Designer for applications and Touch Screen
Professional Personal Branding and corporate identity for your business

About Me

Hello, my name is Luca Massoni and I'm a Visual, Graphic & Web Designer.


Luca Massoni - Grafico & Web Designer Freelance -

Years working in the world of graphics, communication and new media.

Creative and dynamic, I am a freelance professional can achieve with methodology and timing, thanks to my network, the final solution required.

I am a Graphic Designer Web with years of experience in companies and agencies where I had the pleasure to work and collaborate, and in the many projects I have personally managed during these years as a freelance.
My passion for graphics born in high school, with a Diploma in Art "Graphic Visual" address, and consolidated at the university with a Degree in Industrial Design.


These are the skills that I have developed over the years and in my projects.


Expert user in the creation of bitmap and vector graphics, html / css code (XHTML) and JavaScript to build websites, and animations with jQuery and Flash. Use and mastery of the WordPress platform.

I am always updated with the latest web technologies, and I adopt the new solutions of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

I apply in every project the rules of web usability and the User Interface design.

Integrating Responsive Design, which allows the full optimization of the web site on all devices (desktop/tablet/smartphone).

Mastery of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules, content optimization for search engines.


User Interface Designer (UI) for graphics, design and animation on various applications, including Smartphone/iPhone, Tablet/iPad and WPF; XAML code (in interface design) of interactive tables, or Touch Screen in general, and Microsoft Surface applications.

Above some graphics / design achievements and animations, carried out for companies with whom I worked clients, where I served my skills for the realization of interactive tables and touch screen monitor.


As a freelance professional, these are some of the services I offer to agencies/companies and individuals that need to be followed and supported, from the initial stage to the final product.

Logo & Grafica

Brand & Graphic Design

Study, design and construction of your brand and your corporate/company image. Create and print leaflets, brochures, business cards and more.

Web Design

Web Design

Website creation, from initial layout to the final online, with all the accompanying graphic/design and all the features necessary to make it unique and powerful in the network.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Visual designers for your Touch Screen applications, Tablet and Smartphone or interactive tables. Study and realization of intuitive, high-performance interfaces.

Restyling Design

Restyling Design

Adaptations of your old sites, your old graphics and trademarks. Even keeping the old identity but reviewing the design alternatives and modern keys.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Creating Web Site/Newsletter/One Page in responsive mode design, allowing their full experience of all common devices (desktop/tablet/smartphone).



Creation and management of social pages such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter... launch post, dedicated campaigns and graphics to customize your social pages.

Banner & Advertising

ADV & Email Marketing

Creation and insertion of advertising banners in various formats, static and animated. Offline and online advertising, management of Email Marketing with the study and implementation of campaigns.

Gestione Hosting

Hosting management

Reseller of domains and hosting at major provider, I manage the web space for your projects; with backups, updates, renewals, and various implementations.



Study and optimization of keywords and content, with relative positioning on search engines. Integration of the tools necessary for a proper SEO.

Contact Me

I am always available for any request a quote and collaboration.